This is the basic information page for my Eastern Marches Pathfinder campaign.

Start date will be April 30 2011, time and place TBD.

The premise is that the party has been chartered to explore, subdue and develop a large section of land on the eastern borders of the Empire. Characters should be developed with a 75% outdoor-frontier milieu in mind.

Stat rolls are (4d6-lowest roll). Characters will start at 3rd level, with any non-magical equipment they wish plus the starting money for their class. Character class, stats, spells, and background are to be cleared with the DM before play begins.

Just about any character class from the Core Rulebook or Advanced Players Guide is fair game. Barbarians are an exception (ironic twist for a wilderness campaign, but it makes sense in my world, trust me). Any feats in the Core and APG books are fair game, with the usual class and stat restrictions of course.

Those who do not have the Pathfinder Core Rulebook or APG can find almost everything you will need at the online Pathfinder SRD.

Please drop me a line if you have any questions or when you have a character concept/sheet in mind.

More pages with specific house rules and background details for the world will be coming soon – keep an eye on the Wiki tab.

Eastern Marches

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